Installation Manual

Kitchen Sink Installation 

XYlivingstore Luxury Kithcen Sink Installation Manual

Shower System Installation

The shower system comes with a decorative cover that is 2cm thick, with a 1/2" to 3/4" adapter measuring 5cm in length. It is recommended to recess the water pipe into the wall by about 1cm. If the reserved space is insufficient for installation, you will need to purchase a decorative cover for installation. 

The distance between the hot and cold water inlet pipes should be within 13.5-16.5cm (standard 15cm). If it exceeds this range, a wider adapter needs to be purchased.

The recommended distance from the inlet pipes to the ground is 90-110cm.

The shower system with a digital display is recommended to be used with a water pressure of 0.2MPA-0.6MPA, and if the water pressure is lower than this, the LED display may not function properly.

Please note that the water temperature is not displayed when using the spray gun function.

Please read the installation manuals carefully and use products correctly. 

XYlivingstore  Shower System and Faucet Installation Manual

XYlivingstore  Luxury Cabinet Style Shower System Installation Manual